Friday, December 18, 2015

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sebert Landscaping – Green Practices

Sebert Landscaping, a commercial landscaping contractor based in the greater Chicago area, adheres

to a variety of green practices. Inspired by new technologies that simultaneously promote resource

management and aim to cleanse the environment, the multiple award-winning company has become

a staunch advocate of green operations, and is actively seeking ways to inform others about their


Influenced by other green pioneers in the Downtown Chicago area, Sebert Landscaping recently

constructed a new LEED-certified corporate headquarters in Bartlett, Illinois. Believing that in order to

provide exceptional green services they must first be embraced at home, the new headquarters has had

a profoundly positive influence over the staff’s attitude and general way of thinking.

Solar panels line the roof of the new building, reducing its dependency on traditional energy sources.

The parking lot is designed to filter water runoff and the landscaping is comprised of plant-life that

does not rely on irrigation. A marvel of modern architecture, the new 14,000 square foot, Prairie Style-
inspired building was completed in 2010 and LEED Gold certified in 2013. Representatives from the US

Green Building Council – Illinois Chapter, were on hand to present Founder Jeff Sebert with the plaque.

Sebert Landscaping’s dedication to green practices extends well beyond its corporate office. To date,

the company has converted a substantial portion of its mower fleet to ones powered by propane. In

addition, it is currently experimenting with battery powered handheld equipment and solar trailers.

Thanks to its green philosophy, eco-friendly equipment and environment friendly culture, Sebert

Landscaping is able to incorporate its ideals into practice with the greatest of ease. The company has

become renowned for its resource management capabilities. Committed to eliminating waste and

increasing efficiency, Sebert Landscaping relies on paperless tracking systems, cutting-edge mowing

techniques designed to reduce soil compaction and water conserving irrigation systems.

Sebert Landscaping is also an advocate of organic foods and of growing organic vegetables, illustrated by

its donations to an edible garden concept located at an elementary school in Geneva.

The company’s approach lean management results in its projects being done within the allocated time-
frame and budget. To date it has completed over $100 million worth of construction work, all of it

contributing to the beatification of Illinois and to an overal rise in green consciousness.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Jeff Sebert Landscaping Makes Properties Look Beautiful

A good landscape company makes the property around any business or home look great. And that is certainly what we do at Sebert Landscaping. Our customized maintenance schedules will determine the best times for work such as mowing, pruning, and irrigation. Our professional staff is dedicated to producing only the best looking landscapes and always go the extra mile to ensure that outcome. To be sure, Sebert Landscaping can make your property look good.

We take pride in making more than the grounds in our communities better, though. At Sebert, we play an active role in the lives of our neighbors and friends. We give back to the people in the community, because we are part of the community. We are annual participants on Earth Day by joining with Planet’s Day of Service helping Habitat for Humanity. To aid in the education of our local youth, we have started a Scholarship program aimed at advancing education in the fields of Landscape Management, Horticulture, or Environmental Science. We also sponsor local hospital foundations and donate or sponsor various events put on by our clients.

Being that we are experts in landscape maintenance, it only makes sense that we donate those services as well. Our work is done free of charge for the Ray Graham Association, various local elderly persons, and several local schools. At Sebert, we see giving back to the community as a natural, everyday part of our business. After all, our employees are your friends, relatives, etc. By being involved with a variety of charitable efforts, we make the community as a whole a better place to do business in, and a better place to live.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Jeff Sebert Landscaping - Chicago Illinois

As a landscaping company, doesn’t it make sense that we would want to ‘go green’? I mean after all, green is what we do. At Sebert Landscaping, we love the outdoor world and making the environment around us beautiful.

Sadly, many landscaping companies act in a way that damages nature all while doing the job of taking care of grass, plants, and the like. Think about the equipment most landscapers employ while doing their work. Gas powered mowers, blowers, and trimmers are industry standards. The exhaust from this equipment is damaging to the environment, as is the process by which the fuel is created in the first place.

For Sebert Landscaping, accepting the status quo is just not good enough. We are not going to continue using the old gas powered technology knowing that there are better, cleaner options becoming available. For starters, we are converting our mower fleet from gas over to propane. Propane is a natural gas, non-toxic, and burns cleaner than gasoline. Not many landscaping companies have gone through the cost and time to take this step, but we think it is vitally important to make our operations as green friendly as possible.
Another step toward that end is looking into battery powered hand held equipment like our blowers and trimmers. This transition is a work in progress, as we are still testing out the equipment to make sure it can handle the work. While we are committed to the long term process of a fully green operation, we will not sacrifice the quality of our work in the short term. We will only make the switch to all battery operated hand held equipment once we are convinced that there will be no difference in the final quality of our work from the old gas powered gear. Additionally, we are working on composing a solar powered trailer that can be used to charge our battery powered equipment out in the field. This ability would make us more efficient and keep downtime to a minimum.

In recent years, there are a lot of companies making claims about going green. At Sebert Landscaping, we let our actions do the talking. We have already put many green practices into place, and we are only getting started. When Sebert Landscaping manages your commercial landscaping needs, you can be sure that we are taking care of not only your environmental needs, but the needs of the world around us as well.